DevOps is not just a concept but a whole movement which is taking the world by storm. It is a collaboration between different groups of software developers and IT professionals who are working together to bring more agility and robustness in the software delivery and development processes.

Simply put, DevOps is a blend of programming advancement and operations—and as its name proposes, it’s a fusion of two processes with a specific end goal to accentuate correspondence, cooperation, and synchronization between the generally isolated designer and IT operations groups.

Instead of viewing the individuals as two parallel groups who are in charge of their particular undertakings, the DevOps approach perceives the association of consolidating the two functions and understands the synergies their collaboration can resultantly create.

What do we do?

BayksCloud Consultants is a business that will contribute in making companies more powerful and efficient by using cloud based applications. BayksCloud Consultants offers DevOps Automation services to small, medium and large enterprises. These DevOps services include Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments (CICD) that makes it possible for businesses to continuously add more value and improvement in their work. We provide our DevOps automation solutions in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

BayksCloud Consultants uses the Amazon Web Services platform because it provides virtually unlimited storage and processing power and the ability to maintain optimal network performance. This solution also distributes the platform securely on a nationwide basis for quicker access and failover protection in the event of local network interruptions.

Our services also include data back-up for individual and corporates along with installation of infrastructure that can help companies build reliable and robust data centers.

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Why Choose BayksCloud Consultants?

  • We have a well-composed team of IT professionals and developers, chosen for their passion as well as their individual skills and expertise working to assist us in providing you with the most advance and optimum automation solutions.
  • Our team of experts define their success through our customer’s business. Our belief revolves around our customer’s business; to ensure that you are better and more successful business than before you came to us
  • We provide a range of services that allows you to install infrastructures at your stations as per your requirements. We offer customized solutions to all our clients based on their unique requirements. Some of the many services we have to offer are:
    • Infrastructure Automation
    • Deployment, and Implementation of Architectures
    • Application installations
    • Continuous Integration Of Data And Information
    • Continuous Deployment Of Data As Back Up
    • Cloud Infrastructure Automation Services
    • Configuration Management
    • Server Provisioning And Positioning
  • We have obtained AWS certifications to handle all sorts of matters related to automation and installation of DevOps.
  • We are all about reliability. Our consultants give you the best possible solutions so that you make informed decisions for your business.
  • Our team works in constant collaboration with you to clearly understand your requirements and give you the solution you need.
  • In addition to infrastructure, we also provide efficient management tools to help streamline your business

baykscloud devops

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