Cloud Optimization

Over the course of years, BayksCloud Consultants has proven itself to have the ability, capability and expertise that allow us to handle all kinds of IT related issues, particularly involving DevOps Automation. Our talented professionals can help migrate even the most complex cloud architectures to AWS for your company. We have developed a reputation for sticking to our words. We are reliable and committed to provide your business that extra zeal it needs to stay ahead of the competition. We have a portfolio composed of a treasured clientele that have endured our services and come out on top of the world.

We believe that optimization and migration of data infrastructure has more to do with building infrastructures and data management rather than simply moving. It We like to adopt methodologies which help us to investigate and do research on your data system, in turn which can assist in gathering, collecting and collation before it is migrated to the cloud.

We have developed a commendable reputation for our professionalism and expertise that can help your company soar in the cloud, figuratively. With our services, you will unlock the true potential of your company.

We offer the following services to help with some basic cloud optimizations:

  • We will provide a strategic roadmap to your company that can help you determine your cloud optimization needs. The roadmap will cover all the bases such as viable infrastructure to be used, suitable application for the cloud and the data management concept to be adopted.
  • We will build a framework to draw up architecture; to gather and audit your data and create cloud documents.
  • We will help your company develop a proven, well-articulated cloud infrastructure including DevOps automation and Amazon Cloud Formation, Chef, Docker, etc.
  • From our wealth of experience, we will help your company integrate the old, current and all other available data systems and applications before migrating them to the cloud.
  • We will test all your IT facilities before migration so that we can improve optimization and migration
  • We have innovation and expertise to deploy new cloud production, staging, and environmental testing.
  • We are adept at giving full documentation of new cloud infrastructure to enable a smooth handover to your data center. We will make sure that your IT personnel will be duly informed, and enlightened on multiple levels of cloud management services.

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