DevOps Culture

Traditionally, IT organizations have been setup to deal with long tedious error-prone Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) that had customers waiting for software releases every quarter, bi-annual or annual updates to software that doesn’t even meet the end-user needs, and still has new defects requiring additional updates.

Moving to the DevOps environment means that you are transitioning to a different culture. As simply as it can be explained, DevOps is basically facilitating the collaborations and removing barriers between three distinct teams of development, testing and operations in a traditional IT SDLC setup.

With DevOps, these three teams come together to optimize the productivity of the developers and testers and enhance the reliability of the operations team. The communication between these teams becomes frequent leading to increased efficiency and improvement in quality.

This amalgamation frees the workforce from working within their defined roles allowing them to contribute to the development of the company according to their capacity. Even the quality assurance and security teams can integrate their roles within one single team.

BayksCloud Consultants uses Agile DevOps approach which involves agile development, continuous integration, continuous testing and continuous delivery through the use of automated tools, and streamlined processes. We help your software team to deliver incremental development continuously to production, which reduces defects, eliminates excess cycle time, provides continuous feedback and eliminates outage windows when deploying to production.

Regardless of the structure of your organization, using DevOps model provided by BayksCloud Consultants, enables your organization to have teams who feel it is their responsibility to take care of the entire SDCL of the infrastructure.