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BayksCloud Consultants has teamed up with ITpreneurs and DASA to coach individuals and organizations best practices in the adaptation and implementation of DevOps.

BayksCloud is a Forerunner and a Training Partner of the DASA principles.

ITpreneurs, together with Industry Leaders across the globe, founded the DevOps Agile Skills Association with the mandate to promote a knowledge and skills framework for DevOps teams through a universal and open source qualification program. DASA is organized as a community-driven organization open for participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula.

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is an independent and open, members driven association supporting the development of DevOps training and certification to the global market. Advocating the development of High-Performance IT Professionals and Teams through agile DevOps initiatives.

To Realize its Broader Purpose, DASA aims to:

  • Promote a knowledge and skills framework for DevOps, based on a defined set of principles.
  • Develop and evangelize a vendor neutral DevOps qualification program for professionals.
  • Generate interest and awareness for the need for knowledge and skill development.
  • Advance quality of training and open source certification for DevOps knowledge and skills.
  • Map member training content to the role based competence baseline.


The Future of DevOps

DevOps is becoming the standard way of working for businesses. Recent studies according to a Capgemini report indicates that 60% of companies have adopted DevOps or plan to do so in 2018.

DevOps adaptation within organization is increasing on a larger scale, and businesses are trending toward it. It offers businesses to deliver values in a new way to their customers quickly and efficiently. Businesses are now recognizing the power of DevOps to bring operational efficiency and performance.

This demonstrates how DevOps is necessary to be part of your business plan if you expect to respond quickly to market demands, keep your software and solutions regularly updated and clean, and improve time-to-market for your end users or customers.

Due to this, we have seen high demands for DevOps expertise across the globe. This is the time to jump on the fast train to leverage the competition whether you are an IT Engineer trying to sharpen your software development skills or an organization big or small, trying to stay current with the ever growing state of the art technologies.

Where to Start Your DevOps Journey

Finding a vendor neutral DevOps training provider is the starting point for any IT Engineer interested in the field or an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts by anyone involved in an agile and/or DevOps team.

Many definitions of DevOps exist, and many of them adequately explain one or more aspects that are important to find flow in the delivery of IT services. Instead of trying to state a comprehensive definition on our own, DASA DevOps prefers highlighting six principles it deems essential when adopting or migrating to a DevOps way of working.
1. Customer-centric action
2. Create with the end in mind
3. End-to-End responsibility
4. Cross-functional autonomous teams
5. Continuous Improvement
6. Automate everything you can

Why Use BayksCloud Consultants as Your Training Partner?

BayksCloud Consultants as an approved DASA Training Partner, with extensive knowledge in this domain can help train IT professionals or an organization on the DevOps journey with DASA DevOps Certifications. To get a thorough understanding of the certifications, your first step is to learn more about the different DASA qualification scheme by visiting our DASA DevOps Certifications page.

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