We provide a platform meant exclusively for AWS users so they get the best infrastructure for their network and data center to meet all their requirements and much more. The cloud infrastructure we provide is secure because of the utmost attention we pay to the security rules. The infrastructure is guarded by using the Hard Firewall Network to protect it against any threat or intrusion.

Our services include making sure that your company gets to collect data, store it, and even screen it against all the possible threats that your data might have to withstand. We build a cloud trail and a technical wall to safeguard all the web applications from potential attackers. This is done by using a device that measures the AWS workload to detect unnecessary intrusions.

Safety in business environment is a holistic process towards ensuring that the safety measures fully cover the entire ecosystem. Through AWS cloud’s advanced security technology, you will be able to access and recover your data quickly and securely.

Trust us to protect your system and business from facing backlash due to huge losses that you may face in the future. With the secure AWS systems, your data along with the vital information will be in safe hands. The AWS Cloud will help you recover costly data on time and provide you with disaster-recovery services to help bring your systems in flow.

Some of the many services we provide include:


  • Backup and Restore: We help companies to use their current backup software to move or copy data and information to AWS.
  • Pilot Light: brings backup and restoration facilities to protect and safeguard data and applications during attacks.
  • Warm Standby: takes the Pilot Light model a step ahead, by creating an active or passive cluster.
  • Hot Standby: is similar to Warm Standby, but with high performance in the cloud, as well as components down on the premises.

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