We have helped numerous companies in attaining a sound DevOps model in their system that will help in providing the following quality services. BayksCloud Consulting is about identifying the needs of the clients and providing the most suitable services accordingly. Below are some of our signature services;

DevOps Automation

Cloud Optimization

Managed Services

Security Monitoring

DevOps Coaching

DevOps Certification


Initial Assessment

First of all, we let the customers know the current status of their system and their readiness to adopt AWS cloud. After the assessment, we provide a roadmap that requires the least amount of investment and time to automate the delivery process.

Organizations must first have a baseline their current position. Having a baseline is important to build a business case, apply targets and goals to the projects and measure success as you progress through the action plan. Baseline metrics can be grouped into two categories; Measurable and Process metrics.

Measureable Metrics: These are hard, quantifiable technical and financial metrics that can be used for baselining and measuring success and these include;

  • Number and frequency of software releases
  • Volume of defects
  • Time\cost per release
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Number and frequency of outages
  • Revenue/profit impact of outages
  • Number and cost of resources

Process Metrics: These are the processes already in place which can be improved and optimized by integrating appropriate tools into the environment. During baselining, it is useful to measure the current component processes and relative maturity, taking into account use of existing tools and success of implementation. Some of the processes we look at are;

  • Requirements management
  • Agile development
  • Build processes
  • Release and deployment
  • Unit testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Application Performance Monitoring


With BayksCloud Consultants initial assessment service, we provide you with insightful information that can assist in achieving automation goals and improving the software delivery. The content is actionable and enables our clients to start with the process without any delay.

Before starting your journey to the cloud, here is a summary of how we follow this four-step strategy:

1. Analyze:

We will assess your applications portfolio to understand what we need to do in order to ensure successful transition to the cloud. We understand the current processes and develop an idea of where your current portfolio stands. Given our experience, we are already conjuring ways in which we can proceed to migrating your processes to the cloud.

2. Develop:

A customized operational model will be developed and delivered to improve your agility and to allow quicker responses. This model will be based on the best practices while keeping in mind the IT and business landscapes.

3. Roadmap:

Creating a technical roadmap for you will help you in choosing the right cloud providers, allowing you to choose the way you want to do things. We take it to be our responsibility to define the governance and the management structure for all of your future cloud deployments to make help you commit.

4. Execute:

Finally, we will be migrating and automating your application so that your teams can get a first-hand experience.

All of this helps in determining your score while gaining access to an actionable plan and a sound strategy to achieve the designated goals.


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