Why DevOps

Today, software does not just support business; rather, software has become an integral part of business infrastructure. Whether you are in banking, e-commerce, or any other industry, technology has touched and revamped every industry. Businesses are now focused on integrating technological solutions to improve business process efficiencies and operations.

DevOps can offer processes that transform and add value to the entire business chain, including logistics, operations and communications.

BayksCloud Consultants can guarantee improved business processes, enhancing quality, speed and integrating functions to help develop a better infrastructure. Through DevOps Automation or AWS implementation, you will experience the following improvements to your business:


DevOps helps businesses to perform with a high velocity and guarantees improved customer satisfaction. It allows businesses to focus on driving innovation as well as assisting in adapting to changes in the market, ensuring continuous growth, development and efficiency. Through our DevOps model, developers and operation teams can come together and perform, taking advantage of synergies and improved business workflow. Microservices and continuous delivery allow teams to take ownership of their services and quickly release updates for better performance.

Rapid Delivery

Innovate and improve your products faster through faster deliveries. We will let you address the needs and demands of your customers proactively by providing processes that will let you quickly release new features, fix bugs and push updates. This will help in building competitive advantages which can take your company to the next level. Through continuous integration and continuous delivery, the software release process can be automated from build to deploy.


Having the ability to reliably deliver changes at a faster pace will help in providing a positive experience for your end users. This requires ensuring quality of application updates and changes in the infrastructure. Again, continuous integration and continuous delivery will help in testing the safety and functionality of each and every change. We will also help you stay informed of real-time performance through monitoring and logging practices.


AWS offers flexibility to scale operation quickly without the need to make heavy investments. We will help you in operating and managing your infrastructure and development processes to offer you the ability to scale when you need it. The complex and dynamic systems can easily be managed with the help of consistency and automation along with ensuring reduced risk. This is what we guarantee – managing the development, testing, and production environments in an efficient manner with the help of infrastructure as code.

Improved Collaboration

Are you looking to build more effective teams while emphasizing on values like accountability and ownership? Through our DevOps cultural model, the developers and the operations team can collaborate, combine their workflows, and share the burden of responsibilities. Not only does this reduce inefficiencies, but also allows you to save time.


BayksCloud Consultants has the experience and knowledge to provide clients with customized solutions that will ensure data security and effective migration that will result in business growth. Our ability to provide security and control to you over your work while moving quickly sets us apart. By using the fine-grained controls, automated compliance policies, configuration management techniques, we provide a secure environment for you to succeed in.